Sunday, November 22, 2009

American Government

Here's another brief course profile, this time from the Political Science Department.

American Government
Really US Government
Taught at 2 yr and 4 yr schools
General Education requirement
Requirement for transfer to 4 yr schools
Lecture, quizzes, papers, mid-term, final

14 chapters, 380 pages, 25 pages per chapter
13 chapters government structure, 1 policy
Brief growing in popularity (due to lower cost)
20 chapters, 650 pages, 32 pages per chapter
16 chapters structure, 4 chapters policy
Adds 7 chapters on Texas government

Both faculty and adjuncts
Most are education oriented
Often tech-phobic

Both freshman and sophomores
Both non-majors (mostly) and majors
Some had HS Civics, others didn't
Many lack college reading and writing skills
Many are politically naive
Others follow Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

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  1. Hmmm....are American Government faculty really as "tech-phobic" as I am?...I wonder if it is a function of real reluctance to use online materials, or just a function of being forced to use old methods that save time? Personally, that's always my problem when teaching, I don't want to re-invent the wheel every time a course is offered. I would have to agree that many students lack reading and writing skills, as well, at least at a college level. It's very difficult to get students to do homework other than the short papers listed above. Glad to see others feel the same way.