Sunday, January 3, 2010

Apple Tablet

Here's my speculation on the much-rumored Apple Tablet. I'd love to hear your comments.

In short, it's a thin paperback-sized device, based on the iPhone, with a new emphasis on movies, TV shows, books and periodicals.


• "There's an App for that."
• Internet In Your Pocket - Safari, Google, Flash
• Personal Video - Movies, TV, YouTube
• iPod - Music and Photos
• Video Games
• Books, Magazines, Newspapers
• Cell phone, video chat, text messages
• View PDFs, Office documents

Technical Specifications

• 7.5" x 4.5" x 0.5" tablet
• 6" x 4" color LCD display (960 x 640, 160 dpi)
• Multi-touch screen, on-screen keyboards
• 14 ounces
• WiFi, cellular, bluetooth
• GPS and accelerometer
• Video camera (640 x 480)
• Camera (4 Megapixels)
• Battery life up to 10 hours
• Tablet OS (extended iPhone OS)
• Available March 2010
• $499 with contract


• Apple announces Tablet Developers Conference.
• Apple announces cloud storage for movies, TV shows, music, ....
• Apple revamps iTunes stores for movies, TV, books, magazines.
• Ivy League University announces Tablet for all Freshman.

Again, this is all speculation. Comments please!


  1. Is it too late to return the Kindle I got for my husband. I want one of these...even if it is vaporware for now!

  2. I've also got a Kindle. It's nice for now, but may have a limited lifetime.

  3. Weird, my post from yesterday ain't showing up.

    I'd agree with most of this, but I'd be willing to bet that the screen size will be only *slightly* smaller than the overall size. Something akin to the iPhone where most of the footprint is screen w/o a frame like the laptops.

    Unfortunately, I doubt it'll support Flash. Adobe and Apple don't seem to be on good terms these days.

    My bet is that it'll also correspond to TV rentals on iTunes. If this occurs, goodbye cable. Unfortunately, that'd probably also mean I'd have to chuck my beloved TiVos.

  4. I asked my daughter (she's in Tufts) about the utility of tablets, iPhones and Kindles to the college student. She thought a moment and responded that the laptop will probably continue to be the college student's workhorse for quite some time, given the rich set of applications and the extreme utility of the keyboard for a touch typist. She has an iPhone and a Mac at college.

    Personally, I'd love the tablet, but my use case is slightly different (reading, browsing, sketching, etc.)

  5. My son Jeff (a college senior) says the same thing: students are currently carrying around cell phones, iPods, and laptops.

    I'm speculating that Apple may change that. Netbooks are beginning to replace laptops, especially in Europe. An Apple tablet might do the same.

  6. iPad!
    Sad to see that they still don't (and probably won't) support flash.