Monday, July 13, 2009

Kindle for iPhone

I've read several Kindle books, both fiction and non-fiction, using the new Kindle for iPhone application. Here's my impressions:

• Beautiful icon (really)
• Purchase through Amazon, with history, recommendations, etc.
• Book previews available free of charge
• Quick, easy downloads
• WhisperSync between devices

Just OK
• Text look, legibility, etc.
• Page turning (tap left or right edge of screen)
• Font size options
• Bookmarks

• Cover art, book jacket info, title page, front matter missing or poorly presented
• Progress through the book (and the length) are very difficult to judge
• Can't (currently) purchase books from within the application
• None of the books, even classics, are free

I'll review some other iPhone book readers soon.

1 comment:

  1. Many of the books are free! It might cost a few bucks for the real book but if you view the kindle version, there are free ones. - click "See all products"