Friday, July 17, 2009


Stanza is another (of many) book readers for the iPhone. In my opinion, it's a step up from Kindle for iPhone. I'm currently reading my third full novel, but haven't tried technical books. Here's my impressions.

• Huge online catalog, includes the Gutenberg collection of 25,000 free classics
• Direct purchase from the iPhone, including books from O'Reilly
• Nice (1 pixel) progress bar along the bottom
• Flips to horizontal, vertical, upside down
• Free

Just OK
• Text look, legibility, etc.
• Page turning (tap left or right edge of screen)
• Font size options

• Cover art, book jackets, title page, front matter poorly formatted and displayed
• Classics were apparently scanned, and contain frequent scanning errors
• Recent version crashes when trying to set options

Amazon purchased Lexcycle, the company that created Stanza, in late April. Perhaps this will lead to a much improved Kindle application on the iPhone. Now that iPhone 3 is out, direct purchase from Amazon for the iPhone seems likely.

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