Friday, July 1, 2016

Inch Worm Testing

Big Picture

“I love this game.”  -  Jack
“What I like about it: it’s tricky a little.”  -  Hazel
“OK good. No. Not good.”  -  Aaron
“Oh, man.”  -  Brian

Getting Stuck

“I won the first one.”  -  Devan
“Great. Now I’m stuck.”  -  Titus (with a smile)
“Just to tell you, there’s a big trap.”  - Oliver
“Oh, I trapped myself.”  -  Joey (with a smile)
“I have an idea.”  - Sophia


“I love cherries.”  -  Sophia
“I need a snack first.”  -  Violet (before eating a cherry)
“Grab that cherry at the beginning.”  -  Aidan 

Acorns and Snails

“The acorns are the hardest.”  -  Leif
“I forgot I can’t go to the edge.”  - Zachary
“Snails these days never listen!”  -  Simone


“I know the secret.”  -  Emmy
“I just have to plan things out.”  -  Elsie
“There are actually two ways to get through.”  -  Charlie
“I’m not going to tell you the answer. It’s pretty obvious.”  -  David
“Finally. Took me long enough.”  -  Sean (big smile)

Bottom Line

“This game is actually quite fun.”  -  Titus
“Addicting.”  -  Michelle, Patti

Many thanks to everyone who tested Inch Worm. Each of you helped make Inch Worm a better game. Watching you play forced me to fix things.  ;-)

Testers:  David, Charlie, Ryan, Isabel, Violet, Jack, Brian, JD, Jude, Beth, Aaron, Josiah, Micah, Aidan, Devon, Jenn, Leif, Juliet, Birger, Zachary, Sophia, Simone, Hazel, Jenny, Oliver, Sara, Emmy, Elsie, Erin, Erik, Titus, Jeremiah, Joey, Patti, Matthew, Sean, Sally (wants to swipe), Kathy, Dennis, Erin, Michelle, Wes (the voice of Inch), Jeff (color consultant), and Karen (solved all the puzzles, multiple times).

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